Value of Additional insurance when hiring a car on rent

The number of rental companies includes third-party cover, theft cover, and all-risk cover in the package. The catch? In universal, the franchise is excessive. Previous to accepting insurance with your eyes stopped up, weigh the pros and cons, and make your own calculation. Most rental agents are partially paid with the commission, so they will do no matter  รถเช่า avis which to sell you the extra cover. To retain information to check your bank accounts a few days following the end of your trip.

Car inspection

That’s it, you have at home at your purpose and just have to collect your rental car. When the vehicle is

handed over, an “inventory” of the vehicle is carried out in the presence of the lesser and the lessee.

Do not hesitate to take your occasion to inspect the car feature in detail, even if it means ignoring the manager who watches his watch every 20 seconds. Check เช่ารถ  the state of the body, tires, and interior, noting any faults in the vehicle. You can also get photos or videos of the car to avoid possible disputes on return. The examination of the rental vehicle is a step not to be overlooked, probably the biggest pitfall to avoid in a rental car.

Rent a car via a price comparison

It is ideal to find the best price, but be careful, though. Imagine: the comparator found a small vehicle for only 35 € per day, it is the best price, and it is offered by a broker, an intermediary, whose name you have never heard. It may be a company based in a third country specializing in the rental trade with large traditional agencies.