What to check while choosing car cam?

All dashcams have advantages and disadvantages, and it’s difficult to state whether one is superior to another on the grounds that it relies upon what you need. Here are the most essential contemplations to make while choosing HD car camera Singapore. If you need suggestions, you’ll see them toward the finish of this article.

1) Video Resolution (Very Important)

At least, you’ll need HD 720p chronicle. This guarantees film is sharp enough to make out tags, vehicle makes and models, and faces.

2) Camera Size (Important)

All view obstacles are unsafe when driving a vehicle, so stay away from expansive dashcams that may square observable pathway. This is basic on the off chance that you have other potential hindrances, similar to an EZ-Pass transponder or dangling deodorizers. When all is said in done, littler is more secure.

3) Circle Recording (Important)

At the point when a dashcam’s stockpiling tops off, two things can occur: it quits chronicle, or it circles back and records over the most established film.

HD car camera Singapore4) Effect Sensor (Useful)

Some dashcams distinguish mishaps, at that point naturally spare film beginning from a few minutes before effect. Some can likewise naturally turn on when an effect is recognized, regardless of whether the dashcam was off, which proves to be useful when stopped.

5) GPS (Optional)

GPS following can “demonstrate” that a mishap happened where you said it happened, in situations where the recording isn’t clear.

6) Front and Back Camera (Optional)

On the off chance that you need full inclusion, a forward looking dashcam won’t be sufficient. What occurs in the event that you get back finished?