Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services by Pollisum

At, we offer a full range of custom metal fabrication including steel fabrication singapore, twisting, shaping, punching, rolling, and shearing, and in addition welding. Our office is prepared to handle occupations extending from single model pieces the distance to high volume creation runs. Snappy change tooling capacities, alongside profoundly computerized mechanical loaders and un-loaders, enable us to quickly deliver parts from aluminum, copper, and a wide range of steel, including testing high-quality combinations.

Professional service of fabrication in Singapore

steel fabrication singapore

If you are looking for professional services of steel fabrication singapore, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our specialists are master at the latest technologies and are fit for working with all normal CAD files. We have created proficient procedures for manufacturing exceedingly restorative parts and also those that stick to strict ANSI, ASTM, DOT, and Mil-Spec models. Utilization of Ready Bend tooling, with its exact rotational framing capacity, empowers us to make parts with least resistances of ±.010″, and more tightly prerequisites are no issue. We additionally offer an extensive rundown of completing choices, including anodizing, plating, powder covering, and painting. Measurable process control systems are utilized to guarantee top quality and dispose of process squander.

Go with the experienced brand

We are enormously experienced serving the necessities of clients in numerous enterprises, office furniture, apparatus, media transmission, and solar powered are among them. We a feeling of deep satisfaction on quick turnarounds and reasonable estimating. If you don’t mind get in touch with us to figure out how our custom metal creation administrations can assist you with your next task.