How to manage timelines in PowerPoint?

In Microsoft PowerPoint, Timeline is a presentation of sequence of events using texts and graphics. This will help the viewer understand the flow and relationships between them. A user can create his/her own timeline by using smart art graphics available in insert section. There are many smart arts available and you can choose one based on your needs and then enter text and values to be meaningful. Timeline can be customized like changing the colour and size of the smart art. timeline maker is available in officetimeline website that can help you create your own timeline using free templates.

This timeline creator is a plug-in that allows the timeline template to get edited with our personal project data and can eventually create these timelines inside the PowerPoint itself. These Timeline templates can be used for projects, marketing and many more.

There are several purposes of timeline in PowerPoint, they are as follows

  1. These timelines are seen very useful in educational field. That is a timeline can be created for a lesson in history or for some story or something that involves sequence of events. This will help the students remember things very easily.
  2. Every business managers all over the world is trying to use innovative and new methodologies. But every project in every business tends to have something common. That is using timelines and charts for presenting their project in sequential roadmap template
  3. A project either very simple or a complex one can both be presented using timelines. Now free timeline templates are provided for various projects. timeline maker provides free timeline templates for various projects.
  4. The Business managers who need to understand their project in high level makes use of these timeline templates.
  5. The timeline for any project will depend on its task that is going to be described in. Tasks will have their own subtasks.
  6. When trying to create a new timeline for your project, then there are certain things you must take into consideration. Sequence of tasks to complete with their deadlines, dates for each task, relationship between tasks, Duration for tasks.
  7. Gantt chart is one of the popular forms of timelines which is represented using horizontal bars for duration.
  8. This timeline maker has free updates and allows copying, pasting, import from Microsoft excel. It especially has support team for solving customer’s technical issues. It provides different styles for timeline creation.