Switching To Open Electricity Market Retailers Singapore

An example of perfect decisions made by the government for the country was witnessed by Singaporeans in November 2018. They were freed from the single electricity provider through the Open Electricity Market. Now the citizens are allowed to shift to better providers, that suit their needs. Here is what you need to know about shifting to open electricity market retailers singapore.

Check The Plans

Check the different plans being put forth by the different retailers in the market. It is pointless to shift from the SP group to another group that provides energy at the same price. It defeats the whole purpose unless you see some other advantages to the shifting. A starting offer or something along those lines. So ensure to go through different plans and emerge with the treasure for your energy supply.

Talk To The Retailer

Sometimes, even open electricity market retailers, only supply fixed areas for fixed prices. So ensure that the retailer is allowed to or is willing to send energy to your house. Of course, the electricity is being provided by the SP group itself. But the bill has to be generated by the other teams.

Make The Decision

Once you have spoken to the open electricity market retailer Singapore and are convinced about their electricity plan. It is beneficial for you, then you can speak to them about further details regarding the switching. Usually, the retailers themselves will connect to the SP group and make the switch. It does not require you to do much other than waiting for the next bill to be generated at a lower price.