The main governing body of a company

Running a company is a great involves a lot of intelligent people and at same at a skilled employee for its secretarial service hong kong is one such service providers that play amajor role in providing prominent service that could uplift the company is the right direction.bookkeeping company hong kong is a certified service proving company which tackles the corporate-related make sure the at most development of companies.

Role of the company secretary-

They undertake care of all the matters of the firm or company for compiling with the rules and regulations of the ordinance of the companies. Here are the prominent duties of a secretary of the company-

  • The main task is to organize and at the same time attend all the meetings.
  • By attending the meeting, the secretary could arrive at the proper solution that helps to advise the company.
  • It also checks the information that is present in the statutory book.
  • Later it even files a statutory return.
  • Filing helps in complying with the requirements of statutory.
  • Shares-related updating is transferred by this secretarial body.

How to select the company secretary-

They have to perform the duties beyond other secretaries. The person should process such knowledge and experience related to corporate governance. whenever a company hires a body of corporate should ensure that the company holds a trust or provide a license.

Duties that should be rendered that helps for the renewal of the registration of certificates related to the company. The secretary should be at the level of understanding the importance of submitting the required documents on time.


In short, it is like a backbone of a company. They have to perform the duties beyond other secretaries,