Various types of storage rental services

Enterprise is offering a variety of solutions that will suit the needs of the storage. They are having spacious facilities which can able to hold a multitude of materials which are ranging from fragile to durable, small to big and new to classic. On regular basis, we are performing an inspection of the storage space for ensuring security and cleanliness. Also, the rates are very competitive and also catered as per your budget. Not only this but the rates of storage space rental Singapore are relatively cheap and competitive as compared to other companies.

Long- and short-term contracts

You would be able to store the valuable items for your long-term requirement. Whether it is a personal belonging or the assets of the business they will keep them safe for you. Once you are ready for claiming them they will be delivered right to the place where you want.

Various Storage sizes

Instead of paying for the large chunk which you don’t require, you can get a lot of options for various sizes which can be suited for the number of items that you are looking to store.

Flexible Price

They are very considerate about the customer’s budgets. Their base price is very competitive enough but to deliver fair service they have also the pro-rated charges which are case to case basis. Furthermore, there is no requirement of any fees to deposit to return the trust of the clients which have bestowed upon them.