Verification Toto Sites in Korea

There are many eat-and-see sites in Korea. Eat-and-see and 토토사이트 allow you to eat and check the rooms of a house before deciding on buying it/moving in.

What is the eat-and-see site?

An eat-and-see company is a real estate company that allows buyers to eat delicious food and stay overnight for free at their places to check the suitability of the houses before purchasing them. After choosing which home to buy, some eat-and-see companies let buyers rent out their bedrooms while they live somewhere else during the transition period. Although some eat-and-see companies require payment, most of them do not, and some even provide money-back you choose not to buy any of the houses you eat and see.

How do eat-and-see companies operate?

Some eat-and-see companies have a built-in business model, while others contract their services to real estate agencies. Some eat-and-see companies eat and stay for free at all places they advertise, while others eat and see their house only once before deciding whether to purchase it. Also, some eat and see their home for free even if they choose not to buy it, while others charge a small amount if the customer does not go through with the sale. In addition, some eat and see homes even at night when lights are off, whereas others ask customers to make an appointment during lunchtime or dinner time when the lights are on.


How much do eat-and-see cost?

Most eat-and-see companies eat and stay for free when they eat at their own house or when you buy a home from them, but eat only once when they eat at different places. However, some eat-and-see companies may charge customers for food expenses when they eat at another house, even if the customer decides not to purchase any property after eating there.

Why do people visit eat-and-see sites in Korea?

Although Koreans have an excellent public housing system with high-quality housing units in every area, it isn’t easy to precisely check whether or not a particular apartment meets one’s needs without visiting it first. This is why home buyers find eat-and-see sites to be a very efficient way of learning more about the homes they’re considering before making buying decisions.