The Growing Importance Of Early Childhood Education

Education is pivotal, it begins at early childhood therefore there are early childhood education programs or schooling, which teaches and inculcate the importance of early childhood education which ultimately forms the foundation of every child’s learning process.

Importance of ECE

Early childhood, engulfs the first eight years of the child’s life, the education given during these years of the child’s life play a significant role and also helps in the nurturing of a proper development of the child. Early childhood education is primarily called as “Learning through play”, it also helps in brain development and growth in different ways, this development process is the building blocks that support the child’s further life. Therefore a good preschool or a tutoring centre plays a significant role; therefore it is necessary for every parent to choose the best for their children when it comes to a preschool. In this post we are going to talk about one of the integral international preschool jakarta, Indonesia.

international preschool jakarta

Finding a good preschool 

 Although there are many preschools across Jakarta, but the one that stands out is Tutor time, it is one of the most reputed preschool jakarta barat. It is known for the sheer efficiency of equally prioritize passion and professionalism, which is provided to every child with a quality leading education. This preschool located in Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta) has one of the biggest facilities with an ultra-modern building that boasts extra spacious classrooms, along with a fully-equipped outdoor playground, a spacious indoor soccer field and not to forget a multi-functional hall.

 At Tutor Time they ensure safety with secured outdoor playground, suitable for children aging from 6 months to 6 years. They also offer a variety of baby classes which is led by highly trained and qualified staff.