Four effective ways to make your nail polish/manicure last longer on your nails

A lot of women out there end up frustrated because they spent dollars at their favorite nail salon only to witness their nail colors start to chip and crack just a few days after it was done.

Well, it is very tragic indeed especially if you are preparing your nails for an important happening where you want to look fabulous in front of everyone, but nail polish simply wears off regardless of how expensive it is except if you use nail extensions.


However, this does not mean that this problem has no solution. In fact, there are a lot of ways that you can solve this problem by doing some simple hacks at home that can surely make your nail polish or the Uñassemipermanentes lasts longer than before. To learn all of it, check out the rest of this post now.

  1. Use white vinegar– You can do this by using a cotton swab to wipe down your nails using a white vinegar before you apply the base coat of the nail polish because this will remove the natural oils on your nails and completely dries it up ready for the base coat to be applied to prevent the natural oils from creating a barrier that makes the base coat to be easily removed.
  2. Do not soak your nails– You should avoid soaking your nails before you paint them with your favorite nail polish. A lot of manicurists do this a lot of times to their customers to soften the cuticles, however, this causes your nails to retain water and make it expand which makes it difficult for your nail polish to bond on the surface of your nails, and thus it can be removed easily. Instead, you should use cuticle oil.
  3. File your nails according to your cuticle’s shape– Filing your nails into the shape that mirrors your cuticles can make it less likely to break off because this helps the nail polish to bond stronger rather than filing your nail oppositely to the shape of the cuticle which makes it an unsuitable surface for your nail polish to be applied.
  4. Avoid applying nail polish on the cuticles– This should be avoided the entire time because it lifts the nail polish from the nail that can result in chipping easily. Do not cut your cuticles; however, you can just push the cuticles back using the cuticle oil and an orange stick to prevent the paint from getting smudged on them.