How to Rightly Use Melanotan Supplement For Skin Tan?

Melanotan needs regular therapy methods. After the starting dosage, regular maintenance will be needed until desired skin tone gets achieved. There’s not knowing how much time this can take for the results to come up. You only have to consume the right dosage or have patience throughout this process. melanotan 2 for sale is available in the vials with the sterilized seals. In the vials is around 10 mgs of the freeze-dried powder. The sterile water will be required to reconstitute this powder before the consumption. There’s the reconstitution vial that is used for it. When you are done, keep this vial in refrigerator to sustain the effectiveness.

Around 1 to 2 milliliters of the sterile water will be required, but you will improve the dosing accuracy just by using a little more water for diluting it. There’re peptide calculators on internet that will help you to measure the right dosage amount & reconstitute in a right way. You must just consume MT2 through the injection. Many suppliers’ online try and sell MT2 products, which are supposedly simple to use, like oral medication, nasal sprays and oral powders. The products aren’t very effective, thus do not waste any money on it.

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But, some people say that nasal spray product actually has given them positive results. An only problem is large peptide molecules that exist in nasal products. This is tough to make this through nasal membrane. Due to this, molecules aren’t absorbed. The cost-effective method is using injection method as 100% of molecules will be absorbed in that way. For pills, they will not do anything because peptides get inactive in stomach.

Difference Between MT-1 & MT-2?

MT-1 & MT-2 both appear to do the good job in darkening person’s skin pigmentation. But, it is common for the MT-2 to offer side effects. People can select MT-2 in case they want the faster tanning, though. This dosage amounts will be 0.25 mg for MT-2 & 1 mg for MT-1. Side effects for Melanotan include the less hunger, flushing of face, injection site inflammation, fatigue, as well as nausea.