Use Intense Debate to enhance the commenting system

Every blogger will know the importance of commenting system and they do get the right functionality as compared to WordPress. The commenting system might not be user-friendly and only gets fewer comments. If you are looking to enhance the commenting system on blogs, then the best alternative that you should consider is the Intense debate. It is one of the featured commenting systems, and it works on several blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger.

For any bloggers, interacting with their readers is essential. It gives them the boost to give better content every day. Also, it helps them to understand whether the readers are interested in the content or get more suggestions. So, a blogger needs an active comment system to interact with their readers. Intense debate is the premier commenting system that helps to enhance and encourages conversation on your blog or website. With this system, you can give your blog readers an opportunity to better engage your blog content.

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If you are using a default commenting system, but that is not effective then switch to this commenting system that is user-friendly and comes with a lot of benefits. If you are thinking about whether the process of installing is huge, then you are wrong. It takes only a few minutes to get installed on your blog. It is easy to install. Also, you have many exciting features as it would help you prevent SPAM comments. It is common for bloggers to get SPAM comments.

Another great feature of this commenting system is you get the chance to block the user if someone posts annoying comments on your blog. One major concern about installing a commenting system is the loading time. After installing it on your blog or website, it does not affect the loading time of your site. Hence, improve your commenting system with the help of this system.