As liberalism has gained gradually all over, the world of children has expanded. Children are no longer considered just as “Little Adults”, and are given a privileged position in any activity that is more in keeping with their age and maturity. One of the main events on a child’s calendar, the Birthday, has evolved into a social function with the child at its center. The Birthday Cake is universal. For people who have the taste, and can afford it, the customised birthday cake for kids has become mandatory.


Singapore is now one of the world centers of special Birthday Cakes. The Cakes can be planned, imaged and ordered online, and delivered on time by air. One of the finest shops for this in Singapore is the White Spatula, located in a stylish though modest place on the Promenade at PeliKat. The genuinely good value for money offered is quite startling, and Customers actually find it easier to order these fantastic Birthday Cakes from all over.


The art of creating customised birthday cake for kids needs some special guidelines, as summarized below from White Spatula, who are one of Singapore’s best Cake Makers:

  • Concept: The Concept must surely spring from the imagination of the Birthday Child and Friends, not adults.
  • Size: The Size is important to Kids, who always want the biggest bang for his buck.
  • Budget: Here of course, adults must decide.
  • Taste: This applies to all, but kids have simpler tastes.
  • Color: Bright and garish colors are Kids’ colors.