Getting acquainted with the best food culture


One can choose to go with the enhanced vibrancy of food culture with the best foods that can serve to get the taste. The chope deals can allow diners to enjoy exceptional savings by going through the 400 top restaurants all across Singapore. There is an option to get the cash vouchers right to the dining establishments, as well as purchase e-vouchers and that can be always available to be redeemed as well as enjoy up to 50% off.

restaurant deals

The easy method to access the deals

One can Choose the preferred restaurant vouchers. This can be accompanied with the Pre-purchase of the vouchers as well as going with the flexible reservation via Chope. After this, one can Receive the vouchers via email or also an app which can be presented to them prior to getting the order to the restaurant. this can actually make own feel that the saving made is so satisfying.

Using the vouchers

The Chope vouchers can come in the form of the digital vouchers which can be accompanied by the idea of receiving an email instantly right with the successful purchase. One can choose to Present the voucher on your Chope app and then make a selection through Profile > My Vouchers. this can be also made successful with the use of the 10-digit unique voucher code thatĀ  can beĀ  presented right before placing the order. Chope vouchers are totally transferrable, which can be also handed to the friends/ family. The best thing is that they can cover the entire bill, including GST and service charge.