Show up the Joy with Mooncake Festival

Live into buildings for over 20 years, each to the Mid-Autumn festival, not the kids carry mooncakes house to see, the birds would be to consume a meal restaurant, But the feast happy be happy, but total feel short of the conventional Mid-Autumn festival section, smells constantly reminds decades to live in a little lawn Mid-Autumn festival scene. That month, Beijing market, but not bounteous Mid-Autumn festival had color and sound, sleep. Have a span of ChanXianEr sings: lotus not complete release, came again the Mid-Autumn festival, every family place the moon cakes TuErYe cut. Sweet stencil lawns, wine, celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival, the entire cup dish more pleasure, HangLing concluded with the moon? Back to youth, it does.

A into the lunar August, Beijing’s weather is the best. The Autumn, BiKongRuXi, osmanthus fragrance, changes in temperature is appropriate. Lived outside, there was a trimming beixiao road lotus pond. Near the Mid-Autumn festival, remains a pool, although not flourishing green lotus, but also very good-looking open. Ku basket I select a son to market the hawker, refreshing, frequently in lotus Shouting from the hutongs. Not all of the release, lotus and tears come. That season, we Little yard various chrysanthemum open quite exuberant, smell great. To the Mid-Autumn festival, Beijing should not only to eat The cake, but also listen to eat crab, grip claw chrysanthemum appreciation on Mid-Autumn festival, is an excellent pleasure.

In my mind, one to the Mid-Autumn mooncake festival, the exceptional sell crabs city streets in the door, market, hutongs stores carry the little basket sell. Listening into the adults said, the most famous crabs, expensive produce from tianjin shengfang cityshengfang big crab; However ShangShiLiang large, overall the someone else eat up, are native to the za jingdong, south of Beijing region of maju elevated bridge sorghum red large crab. In August the crab, whether male parent, the fat enough. Home to get fishes, in large bowl, scaling up and down, a DiaoMao son turn into the ground in theatre, became the children’s rise live artwork. Generally the Mid-Autumn festival did not arrive and little yard savoir cooked crabs and aroma. Live LvDaBo forecourt of tianjin individuals annually DaErXi is the Mid-Autumn, in-laws, absolute to acquire many crabs, which obtained fresh 54%employees are followed. LvDaBo descendants of the wall, pot steamed crab dish cooker, households have lots.