Best Rental Deals for Bikes in Beaver Creek

 If you are a bike enthusiast and an avid traveler then this is for you since many bikers often find it annoying to rent bikes while paying a huge amount for them and not every biker has their bike some rely on rentals too while some like to explore different varieties of the bike, therefore opt for rentals. Then these rentals sometimes have old bikes with them which look-wise would look normal but if you take it out for a ride then the problem slowly starts to show up. Therefore this is where you would get the best help in your process to find the right bike rentals in Beaver Creek, CO.

Every bike enthusiast would like to know the place that’s offering great deals on bike rentals and what charges they are taking on a certain period. Especially there’s a biker season that goes on during summer to explore the mountains in and around Colorado, therefore if you book before it then you would enjoy some good deals as well as some good bikes too and you can get it from base mountain sports who have been in this business for a long time now.

Types of bicycles categories available- 

  1. Mountain Bikes
  2. Cruisers
  3. Electric Bikes
  4. Bike accessories
  • Among the mountain bikes, the first one is Scott Genius which has a powerful suspension and is great for steep downhill and the cost for 0-4 hours is $65 and 4-8 hours is $75 and for the multi day, it’s $63.
  • Another mountain bike is Scott Jr. Mountain Bike, best for young riders and to ride for cross country, its charges according to the above-mentioned period are $20, $25, and $23 respectively.
  • Scott Sub speed and Rossignol E-track 27+ are the variety available for Cruiser and electric bike category whose charges start from $30 to $70.
  • As for accessories, you can get a helmet, a tag-along, and a bike trailer for an extra fee.

These were the details that would generally require you to be useful while renting a bike and, hopefully, it would help you find the right solution according to your requirement.