Cannabis Detox- All You Need To Know

The Duquenois Levine reagent test is the most common test method used for cannabis drug testing in the world today. The reagent is taken, and a drop of the blood sample or the urine sample is added. If purple colouration is obtained on the addition of the drop, it is confirmed that Marijuana is present in the blood or was consumed.This reagent contains a certain amount of hydrochloric acid, which is partly responsible for the colour change.

Various tests in alcohol detox

The drug components remain in the blood for quite a long time, and the consumer has to take the aid of detox diets and detox pills to detoxify the body and get rid of all the toxins residing within, which are indeed quite harmful. To pass a drug test, some consumers also take the best advantage of synthetic urine and use it.

A drug test is a scientific analysis carried out of the different fluids of the body, like blood, saliva or urine. The fluid First, the study, and the varioThe percentage of the component present is often specified in the test report issued post the conduction of the test. For example, to test for cannabis consumption, the saliva, hair or urine is tested. The drug components can be found for weeks, sometimes even months, especially in daily smokers and regular consumers.

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