Fireproof Biometric Wall Safe To The Rescue!

Protection from natural hazards comes at the finest durability to rescue the necessities from any causes. And for this, people try their best to adapt as many safe and lockers to escape from any heavy losses. One of the best options available for them is a fireproof biometric wall safe which is designed on central wall studs.

What are Fireproof Wall Safes for?

These safes are specifically designed to rescue all the papers, documents, and special items from fire. These are installed in central walls or depth of 16” inside the wall. These fireproof biometric wall safe have batteries powered by up to 4 AA. The lock mechanism in such a safe is given in two options of either using the fingerprint or by using a pre-set code for opening it. They are made in a way that the fire material comes in between the two steel slides protecting it, thus holding itself from heavy temperatures for a longer period.

What are the best fireproof safes available in the market?

Some of the most affordable and best safeguards are listed as under:

  • Sentry Safe SFW205GQC – It comes with 2.05 cubic feet long storage space inside it, thus giving a lot more space for keeping valuables. It also contains a digital keypad or a dial combination lock for opening the lock when needed. It can keep the valuables safe for a time interval of 1 hour even when the temperature reaches 1700 degrees.
  • The Steel water Fireproof Safe – This safe comes with a fire ration of almost 2 hours even when the temperature reaches up to 1850 degrees. It weighs around 143 pounds, with a capacity of 144 cubic feet inside to walls.
  • First Alert 2087F-BD – It comes with a fire rating of 1 hour when the temperature becomes 1700 degrees. The main positive point about this safe is that it comes with a weight of 82 pounds only, with a capacity of 94 cubic feet.

Thus there many options available, and one must choose the safe according to the storage space needed along with the fire capacity.