Myths on passing a hair drug test

The hair drug teat has become most popular for detecting the drugs. This method can easily catch the drug even if you have taken the drug before three months. It has been observed that hair drug that gives more accurate result than another form of drug test. There are the best hair detox shampoos to pass a hair follicle drug test but it is not that easy. There are many myths about passing the hair drug test. Let discuss them in detail for your benefit.

  • Staying away from drugs for some time: If someone advises you that you can pass the drug tests if you stop taking drugs for few days. There is no truth in the suggestion as the hair drug test can detect the drug which you have taken three months back. And no one will inform you ninety days before about the hair drug test. Anyone wants to pass the test by being away for drugs then you need to at least stop taking the drugs before one twenty days.
  • Getting your hair bleached to confuse the tester: There is no doubt that bleaching will give you a nice makeover to your hair but there is no guarantee that you will pass the hair drug test by bleaching. There is very little chance of clearing the drug test by bleaching but for that, you need to bleach your hair many times which will for sure damage your hair if you are ready to take that risk then you can try this option but it is advisable not to follow this trick.
  • Turing bald: Many people think that they can completely cut their hair and become bald so that they can skip the hair drug test. But they do not understand that they are giving more reasons to the company people to think that you are trying to avoid the hair drug test. In this case, the company may either remove you from the post or keep your job on hold until your hair is grown.


Finally, hope you are clear about all the hacks which will not help you to clear the hair drug test.