Things needed for sitting area in garden

The classic is the market umbrella. It is also called a central pole umbrella or central pole umbrella. In this construction, the mast is attached in the middle and the fabric is stretched over at least eight spokes in the case of stable models. These modern outdoor umbrellas generally have a plus in wind stability if the membrane is piped. While with a normal umbrella the cloth rests on the spokes, with piping-guided membranes the cloth is fastened by a hemstitch seam along the length of the spokes. In this way, the fabric does not flutter and instead lies on top of it with high tension – the canopy almost looks like a solid roof. A market umbrella is fixed, for example, by an umbrella stand, which is weighted down and is correspondingly stable. Alternatively, the mast can also be fitted with a ground sleeve that is left in the ground. or screwed-on base plates in the foundation. The classic umbrella scores with enormous stability and wind security.

Whether in the garden or the dining room: a bench is a practical and decorative piece even in furniture bench living room. By designing and building it yourself, you can tailor the bench to your own wishes. Our ideas and tips will help you plan and build an individual bench or garden bench.

The construction of a bench or garden bench differs depending on the model, but the basic steps are the same:

Pre-drill the screw holes.

Grind the woods.

Paint the components in a color of your choice or seal them with glaze.

Screw the parts of the frame together.

Place the seat and, if necessary, the seat back and screw them together.