Want to know about the testing result of CBD flower? – Skywalker OG

Having a property of all-natural factors in it, it has become the best hemp strain which people likely to consume. The lab-tested results have shown that is natural in the USA.

Testing results

The skywalker flower has a total of CBD around 18% which creates this a very potent strain as compared to another one. The THC which is present in this flower is around 0.66% with having no detection of delta-8 and delta-9 THC. Both delta-8 or delta-9 are considered as the main molecules of THC in hemp and in a total of all the cannabinoids present are around 22%. The concentration of terpene is around 1.39% found in this flower. The reason behind its potent and flavourful character is that it has a high amount of CBD and terpene in it.

What people experience by using this product

Basically, the skywalker amount is $50 for around 10 gm and its sales are less on other sites you may find is around $20 for the same 10 gm. So you can prefer that one as well just always read everything which is required to be known before purchasing it. The customer has shown a positive experience by using this cbd flower. Many of them have praised it because of its natural factor and its benefits. Some of them have given their positive reviews on smell and taste and also potency too. The smell and aroma are some of its main factors.