What do you need to about systemic racism?

Racism in the sense which affects the structure of society is known as systemic racism. It raises all over the places like schools, offices, court and police departments, and elsewhere. In all these places decisions making power given to the white people and the people of color facing the difficult unfair decisions every day. To make this end people demanding with black lives matter songs that powerful songs will continue until they get justice.

Many civil right leader and advocates supporting the people to fight against injustice. Systemic racism is also known as institutional racism which has the system and structure that are major disadvantages to African Americans. It becomes more challenging for people to participate in the society. It is possible to express your views in black lives matter songs you can get it online and explain the below justice issues.

How people fighting to avoid racism?

  • Wealth:According to the survey white people hold the maximum percentage of wealth rather than the black families.
  • Employment:Without the proper employment it is impossible to build wealth. But black community people are facing an increased rate of unemployment. White named getting hired soon, and only a few percentages of black people get their job.
  • Education:Racism majorly starts from the education system. Many black students got suspensions and humiliated for all their activities. It greatly affects their education.
  • Housing: Black people are homeless or lack in housing security in the legacy part of redlining. They suffer to get the loans.