New era of medical services: SIUT’s Newest Bashir Dawood Transplant Operation Theatre

The grafts make it possible to replace an irremediably failing organ or tissue. They still represent today a medical feat. The risk of rejection still exists, but many advances have been made in surgical techniques and anti-rejection treatments. What is a transplant? Organ or tissue transplant is used to replace a damaged or missing organ or tissue. Sometimes we also talk about organ transplantation. But, it is very much expensive to go for such kind of operations. And that is where the generous donations come. And, we are very much fortunate to have an advanced ‘Transplant Operation Theatre’ because of the donation from Bashir Dawood. Click here to know more about bashirdawood.

The first kidney transplant and dialysis organization

It is a debut institution for kidney transplant and dialysis in Pakistan. Through, the inauguration of this institute, a new era of medical culture will start and we hope many lives will be saved by the experts of this institution. You will be able to have the operation of important internal organs like- bone marrow, liver and so on. Visit this site to know in detail about bashir dawood.

kidney transplant and dialysis organization

World Class health care for free of cost

Medical services are very expensive nowadays. And, if you are thinking about the transplantation of any internal organ, then definitely need to have a good amount of money. But, we all know that very few people can afford such amount of money. That is why this institution will really help poor people. Because of the generous donation by Bashir Dawood, people from all class and age will be able to get the chance to be operated free of cost.

To conclude just want to say

Because of the generous donation from Bashir Dawood, this 250,000 sq. ft big institution was built. And, we hope the common people of Pakistan will be able to take benefits of this institution.