The benefits of massage: the expert explains everything

The reimbursement of massage goes far beyond just relaxing. In information, massage is a holistic therapy that can affect any part of the body, from lower back pain to neck pressure. Naturally, movement, frequent specialist checks and the habit of adopting the correct body posture are important, but massages that work preventively, but also reduce or even reduce pain in the case of serious illnesses are extremely helpful. The compensation of massage goes far beyond just calming Massage therapy Hollywood FL . In information, massage is a holistic therapy that can have an effect on any part of the body, from lower back pain to neck pressure.

What are the advantages of massage?

People think of massage as a way to treat the body, but its benefits begin in mind. The body sends a sign to the brain and anxious system that it is prepared to relax. Then the central control systems transmit this message to the muscles and other parts of the body, creating a relaxing effect.

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This process can be compared to typing. You work with a computer, and the information is processed on the hard disk, but you can still edit the data using the keyboard Massage therapy Hollywood FL  (with the only difference that the computer is the body, the hard disk is the brain, and the keyboard is muscles and skin.)

What is the difference between a massage and a drug you receive in a drugstore?

It’s about cooperation. The patient plays a big role. It’s not the same as taking a chemical, a pill that knocks you out whether you believe it or not

To get the full benefit of massage, you need to do four things:

Be open: if the patient does not like to be touched or does not think that massage will help him, the procedure will cause more tension than relaxing benefits.

Collaborate: if the pressure is not right, you have to say something. Similarly, when you feel overheated when you are too cold, or you experience a different type of discomfort.

Get involved: regular massage is more effective than immediate treatment. If you undergo massage only when you feel severe pain, you put the therapist in an impossible situation, because he has 60 minutes to undo the damage that has been done for years.

Know what this is not: massage is a complementary therapy – it will not make you healthier. The good physical and mental condition also requires proper nutrition, sufficient rest, exercise, and medical care.