How to keep the lawn green and healthy?

If you want to know about maintenance of lawn, then you are in the right place. In this article we are going to share top tips to keep your lawn healthy.Visit this site for lawn care pittsburgh pa.

Choose the right lawn

If you plan to replant a lawn area it will be useful to know that there are different types. A good choice will affect the number of care you will have to do in the future. You should choose the most convenient option according to the weather, type of soil and the use you are going to give it. Click here for lawn care pittsburgh pa.

– Spring and autumn are the ideal seasons for planting since temperatures are milder. The grass will take 5 to 10 days to grow.

– You have to analyze the land before planting to see if there are drainage problems and study which irrigation system is best for you.

– After sowing it is necessary to water 2 to 3 times a day so that the soil becomes sufficiently moist, but when the grass reaches 2 cm in height, the irrigation should be progressively decreased.

When to cut it

A garden without regular maintenance will not last long, it is necessary that it be cut periodically to keep it healthy. In each cut, the ideal is to reduce the stem by half, but it is the weather conditions that will determine the required care. To cut the grass, the so-called parting technique is used, that is, cutting each time in a different direction so that the root does not always rest in the same direction.


The parting technique is beneficial for the growth of the grass, but it also eliminates some nutrients from the grass that will have to be supplanted. To achieve the best growth, it is advisable to fertilize the garden every four to five weeks. As a supplement, both to benefit growth and to prevent pests, it is recommended to apply organic fertilizers.

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Irrigation systems

Irrigation is a fundamental aspect to keep our garden green and healthy. The automatic options that exist range from fixed or mobile irrigation solutions, both of which can be programmed. To know how often to water it, once again, will depend on the temperature and humidity conditions. Avoid not programming the irrigation during the hours of more sunshine, water is wasted by evaporation and can burn the grass.

Treatment against pests

These types of problems can also be solved by changing maintenance habits. Find out about the pests in your area and if they could affect your lawn. As a last resort, pesticides and insecticides can be used as they can kill pests but also other animals and microbes that are beneficial for growth.