Simple and medicated baths

Even if the moment of the bath is not always considered a pleasant moment by the animal, this commonplace is often a perception of ours caused by the attitude of our puppy that may have become annoyed in certain situations, especially if we try to do Pet grooming miami independently and without certain equipment. that favor the conditions. In reality, in addition to being essential for the well-being of our dog or cat, small precautions and an expert hand are enough to make the experience pleasant and particularly relaxing Mobile pet grooming Miami.

After having carefully examined the condition of the coat and skin, wash with a shampoo that respects the animal’s pH and is specifically indicated in relation to the type and characteristics of the coat; this will make even the dirtiest hair clean and shiny and give relief to your little friend’s skin. The products are all professional and hypoallergenic and, if there are special requests, your Pet grooming miami ¬†groomer will surely be able to satisfy your every need and advise you in the best possible way.

The medicated bath is carried out with the so-called medicated shampoos (pesticides, antiseborrheic, disinfectants) and are necessary for some pathologies of your pet’s skin. It is always advisable to ask your trusted veterinarian for advice on the type of product to use; however, if at the presentation of your four-legged friend, you do not have products appropriately indicated by your veterinarian, we will take care to use professional products chosen in relation to the needs of the little guest.

Grooming for your 4-legged friend represents not only a panacea and a moment of well-being and relaxation, but also a correct habit to keep skin and coat healthy. Even dogs and cats deserve moments of relaxation and the moment of bathing and drying can be relaxing and fun for them, giving a state of well-being and freedom for the following days.

Naturally, each animal has its own specific needs: coat texture and dermatological characteristics serve to determine the most suitable hygiene and cleaning treatment for it. The services offered by our Center aim, in addition to meeting the aforementioned needs, to make this moment unique for your little friend.