A Guide to Women Jeans

Jeans, like women, come in all shapes and sizes, and although it might seem that this is not the case, there is a pair of jeans for them. But how do we find that elusive pair of perfect jeans that flatter our legs, back and, above all, make them feel comfortable? The answer is to find out your body shape and how different brands and different stores measure your jeans. For example, the shape of a pear, where the hips and hips are much wider than the upper body, is the most common body shape for women, and in order to balance the body shape and make them less heavy, women with this body shape should wear กางเกงยีน to they looked more proportionate.

Once you know your body type and the type of jeans that suit you, it’s time to go shopping and start trying them on. You really do not want to leave the size of jeans at random, so spend a day, take a friend of two and consult how you try on each pair of jeans, how they fit, if the details are especially flattering or A little flattering. In addition, if you want to draw attention to your legs, why buy only blue jeans? Colored jeans are now very fashionable and can give shine to any clothes.


However, it should be remembered that different stores and jeans brands will have different sizes, so if you are engaged in a 12th size store, you should not automatically assume that you will be 12th size in all others. Buy where you go. Always take the size higher and the size lower than you think you are in the locker room. Thus, if the jeans do not fit, you can simply try a different size without having to return to the store or send someone to buy another pair of jeans.