Fun Facts about Sunflowers!

A lot of people characterize sunflowers as yellow, bright, and tall flowers. However, this distinctive sunflower image does not do justice. Sunflowers are vibrant and vivacious as they thrive in different sizes, colors, and shapes. sunflower bouquet delivery singapore delivers all such kinds of sunflowers at your doorsteps.

The sunflower facts listed below can inspire how you see sunflowers. Learn more about the sunflower colors and a few health benefits.

All sunflowers are not yellow

A lot of people think sunflowers are only yellow. Nevertheless, a sunflower’s tint is not limited to yellow alone. They can be purple and red too.

Yellow Sunflowers 

A few examples of yellow-colored sunflowers are Elegance, Zohar, and American Giant. These sunflower categories are rich and you will surely smile looking at them. The American Giant Sunflower grows nearly up to 4 feet high, giant could very well be an understatement. This sunflower variety is the tallest sunflower and the flower itself is nearly 12 inches broad. 

Red Sunflowers 

The rhyme in kindergarten taught us that roses are red flowers. Besides roses, a lot of other kinds of flowers like sunflowers are red. They come from various species. A few of them possess the same daisy-like heads that are born of the yellow sunflowers. Moreover, red sunflowers can add a beautiful pop of color to any flower bouquet.

Purple Sunflowers 

A purple sunflower category is the Chianti Hybrid. The petals of this flower are dark, deep reds that a few people assess as purple. It grows up to five feet tall and has no pollen. These sunflowers help offset color in diverse bouquets. 

Health Benefits

Sunflower oil has anti-Inflammatory properties. The plant provides benefits besides beauty. It has acids that can help in reducing water loss and it repairs the barrier of the skin.