Discover the Green Parrot of the Amazon

This week, we’re highlighting the secrets of the Amazon, the second largest tropical forest in the world. Last week, we took a trip through its home base in Manaus, Brazil. Today, we’re heading to the top of the world, exploring the dramatic and unique forests of the northern Amazon.

The northern Amazon has its own unique character that’s definitely worth exploring. The largest and most important river of the world, the Amazon flows through a rainforest in a way unlike anywhere else. It’s one of the most biologically diverse regions on earth. It’s also the home of one of the world’s greatest and most mysterious animals.

That’s right, the green parrot of the Amazon.

The northern Amazon is a rainforest in a way that makes it unique. It’s the largest tropical forest in the world, and the only one located in South America. It also has the highest average temperature of any region in the world, ranging from 90°F to 100°F (32°C to 38°C) in places. That’s hot, and there are many plants and animals that live only in these kinds of extreme environments.

The northern Amazon is also home to one of the greatest mysteries of all time, and perhaps the greatest unsolved murder mystery of all time.

The green parrots of the northern Amazon is a mystery that’s been haunting scientists and imaginations for centuries. The green parrot of the northern Amazon is known by several different names, including the:

Northern Amazons Green Parrot

The Green Parakeet

The Amazonian Parakeet

The Green Pigeon

And the Northern Green Pigeon

Like the green parrots of the southern Amazon, the green parrot of the northern Amazon has a wingspan of around 3.5 to 4 inches (9 to 10 cm). The head and upper beak is brownish-gray, while the lower beak and feet are a darker greenish-gray. However, the green parrot of the northern Amazon is much smaller than the green parakeet of the southern Amazon. It’s a smaller version of the green parakeet, weighing only 100 to 150 grams (3.5 to 5.4 oz) and measuring around 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) long.