How Can You Use Instagram For Crisis Management?

In recent time we have witnessed the impact of social media in our everyday lives. Whether you enjoy it or not, Instagram is one single platform that has made a significant impact on society. It is a platform where tragedy and joy are joined together with every sharing, counteting and posting. If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following quickly, Goread is a great option.

What people do not realize is the power of social media in crisis management is immense. Just recently there have been many high-profile incidents where Instagram has played an integral role in expressing situation for survivors and enabling them to tell their story. Here are ways you can use Instagram in crisis management.

Collect and Share

The first and foremost way to utilize Instagram for crisis management is by collecting and sharing information. Social media is a valuable source of information that can help the users gain the knowledge, and sometimes it can help in finding other sources of information. You can gather photos and videos to form a timeline of the event and give people an idea of the happenings. This helps you to collect information as well as form a community.


While capturing the events in real time is important, it is equally important that you also account for what your post has become. When victims or witnesses share their story on social media, it is not all good. It is not uncommon for people to comment on the post if they think it has become biased or if it is being over exaggerated. This way you can have a filter to make sure that your image is still in place.

Share Emotion

Instagram allows you to share emotions with images as well as text. Exploit this aspect of Instagram by showcasing how people are reacting and their issues in relation to the crisis. You can make an emotional appeal which could help you in maintaining the level of concern amongst your followers.

Provide Information

Instagram is one of the most visited social media channels all around the world. It has a diverse user base and reaches all across the globe. You can use this advantage to provide your followers with information about where they can donate, how they can volunteer, how they can help and what are the kind of donations that are needed.


Instagram is always with you as your mobile device or computer is loaded with it and you don’t have to jump here and there to find out news when it happens. This is a great asset when it comes to crisis management as it is always there with you.