Top Skillshare Logo Classes You Should Definitely Watch

Yes every business/company needs a logo because it is their identity. It is the message that they are relaying to their audience about the concept of their company. The logo of a company is the first thing that customers take away from your company. A logo should be self-explanatory.

Now, when it comes to tutorials on logo design, Skillshare logo online classes are the videos you should definitely check out. It is a community where professionals in their respective fields come together to teach you about various skills like photography, design, marketing and so on so that you can better your skill from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are looking for something short or something, more detailed, and conceptual; listed below are some of the best Skillshare logo tutorials for beginners and intermediate learners

Beginner classes

How to design a logo with Illustrator:

This class will teach you all the basics which include how to design a vector shaped logo. Here you will learn how to scale your design to any size and also adjust the color, font and overall style of your concept.

Round-trip logo from Illustrator to Photoshop:

Here you will learn how to edit your design in Illustrator as well as Photoshop. By using both of these software tools you will learn how to edit smart vector shapes efficiently.

Logo design Fundamentals:

In this tutorial, you will learn how to establish strong brand marks in your logo. This class will stress the power of simplicity in a design and how you can maximize the impact of your logo with minimal information.

How to create a vintage faded logo:

This class will walk you through the various steps that go into creating a faded logo onto wood, cloth, and other vintage elements.

Intermediate classes

Logo Design:

This class is really interesting, as it walks you through the history of typography before settling in and teaching you how to instill font and type into your logo designs without making it look too crowded or confusing.

How to design Sports Logos:

Go Bold or Go Home! This seems to be the theme for this video, as it focuses on how to create bold and athletic style designs. You will learn how to apply shading techniques and make use of bold lines.

Vintage Logo designs:

Explore the art of Vintage designs as Simon Walker teaches you how to create clean vintage designs using vector tools.


The amazing part about Skillshare logo design classes is that you can learn so much from these professionals and their workflow. So, go ahead and check out the tutorial that best suits you from Skillshare’s plethora of online videos.